Hello, my fellow bloggers and readers! It’s Which Cover Wednesday again! Hooray! 😀 Which Cover Wednesday is a meme I host where I compare two different covers of the same book and suggest which one is more appropriate for the book. And I invite you all to participate and comment below to choose your favourite cover. Here are this week’s selection:

1. Prada and Prejudice by Mandy Hubbard (English and French)

5301920 or 9766966

Well, in this case, I’d go with the first cover. Not that the second cover is bad, but the first cover links the art with the story. The second cover could be used for a multitude of stories.

2. Timeless by Alexandra Monir (English and Polish)

8100422 or 19204793

First cover again! This cover is simply beautiful! The background is nicely done with its fog and colour scheme, shrouding the model and making her look mysterious. Also, not to take the title literally, but the first model looks more “timeless” than the second cover’s model (in terms of fashion).

3. Twilight (Mediator #6) by Meg Cabot

93724.jpg or 1197449

Well, I kind of feel bad for choosing the first cover again, but then I wouldn’t be true to my opinion, would I? So…first cover all the way! 😀 In its vagueness, the first cover leaves us to imagine what the characters would look like, rather than giving us features that we have to contend with, in our minds.

4. Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey

8685644.jpg or 9802707.jpg

This one’s a bit more harder, since these covers are both great within their own right. The first cover makes the model appear to be troubled, while floating, tying into the ghost haunting motif. While the second one is appropriate with its fog and  bare trees, it reminds me of the cover of Fallen by Lauren Kate (especially with the model in that position on the cover, surrounded by trees). So, for originality (as well as a beautiful and ethereal cover) , the award goes to… the first cover! 🙂

Well, this week’s Which Cover Wednesday has come to a close. Were there any covers you liked (or disliked)? If you have any comments or questions about this week’s Which Cover Wednesday, please leave them in the Comments Section below. Thanks for reading, everyone!