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August 2017

Which Cover Wednesday 76

Hey there, fellow readers! It’s been awhile but welcome back to another Which Cover Wednesday! Which Cover Wednesday is a meme I host where I show two different covers of the same book and choose which one is better (in my opinion). And you can join in on the fun as well by commenting on your favourite covers in the section below.

Without further ado, here are this week’s covers:

1.  My Best Friend’s Exorcism by Grady Hendrix

my best friend's exorcism.jpg or my best friend's exorcism-2.jpg

Really loving the second cover! While I do admit that the first cover is great with its yearbook image displaying those 80s style haircuts as well as its cute typography, it’s got nothing on cover number two! OMG! The second cover looks like a VHS tape and has a Stranger Things vibe going for it! Plus, I’m a big fan of its use of colour! 😉

2. A Semi-Definitive List of Worst Nightmares by Krystal Sutherland

worstnightmares.jpg or worstnightmares2.jpg

In this case, I’d go with the first cover. I like the background colour as well as its symmetrical use of cover art. This cover creates an illusion of filling more space than the second one, which appears to be more blank with a lobster being the only image. I’m not going to lie; it has pretty decent typography, but I feel as if the cover could have benefited from strengthening its other attributes.

3. Blood Red Road by Moira Young

blood-red-road.jpg or blood-red-road-2

To be honest, at first, I was really into the second cover. But now, I admire the amount of detail given to the first cover, from the depiction of the sandstorm to the epic typography and the dynamic movement of the model.  Don’t get me wrong; the second cover’s nice. I just like the first one more! 😉

4. Wildlife by Fiona Wood

wildlife.jpg or wildlife-2.jpg

This one’s kind of tough since, to me, these covers give off a different feel to the story. That being said, I really like the first cover, seeing as it has a lighter mood to it, what with the cloud typography and the fact that both models are presumably relaxing and looking up at the sky. The whole cover seems idyllic, at least in my opinion. The second cover, while possessing an amazing background, doesn’t share the idyllic bliss seen in cover number one. In fact, when I look at this cover, it seems as if the models are contemplating on their problems…

Well, that’s all I have to say for this week’s Which Cover Wednesday! Now I’d love to hear from you! What did you think of this week’s covers? If there’s any that caught your eye, give it a shout out in the Comments Section below! Thanks for reading, everyone!

–  Sumaya

Book Bargain: Paper Princess by Erin Watt

Hey, everyone! I know I’ve been gone for a long time, and I’d like to apologize for that. I recently started an internship and things have been really hectic lately. I will try my best to keep posting from now on, but I probably will have moments where I’m super silent. 😉

Anyways, I wanted to let everyone know that Paper Princess by Erin Watt is $1.25 CAD on Kobo and only $0.99 CAD on Amazon Kindle and iBooks! So I say this to anyone who has ever wanted read this great, great soap opera of a book: buy it now! 😀

Have a wonderful day, everyone! And keep reading!

–  Sumaya

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