It’s Which Cover Wednesday! YAY! It’s time to choose which cover (of the same book) is more gorgeous. Here are our covers for the week:

1. The Jewel by Amy Ewing

16068780 or 22586252

This one’s an easy choice: cover number one! From the moment I saw it, there was insta-coverlust! I love the dress in that cover as opposed to the second one. Also, the second cover’s background is a little too blank for my liking.

2. Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

1295102 or 6350193

My vote’s for the second cover! I love the new covers of Sarah Dessen’s books, especially this one. It has this beautiful key that I want! 😉

3. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

6936382 or 17453983

This one is harder to choose, tbh… I would go with the first one, since it seems a bit more romantic with the hands coming closer.

4. Red by Allison Cherry

13265540 or 18755824

It’s easy peasy to choose the second cover! It has more to do with the plot of the story than the first one.

5. Die for Me by Amy Plum

9462812 or 20934052

Even though I like the second one, the first cover seems to be the better fit with the Parisian setting and the fact that I don’t remember there being a boat in Die for Me.

What are your thoughts about these covers? See anything you like? 😉 Feel free to respond in the comments section below.