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Top Ten Tuesday: Why Granny Weatherwax is so amazing! :D

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Hey, everyone! It’s Top Ten Tuesday again! This week, it’s all about the love! Whether you love a character, book, or series, you can talk about it on this week’s Top Ten Tuesday. My Top Ten is about Granny Weatherwax and how much I love the character. So without further ado, the reasons I love Granny Weatherwax:

1. She doesn’t tolerate being called mother when she isn’t one

Granny Weatherwax is proof that someone doesn’t necessarily have to be a mother in order to have a vital role within the Discworld’s society.She’s only Granny Weatherwax to a few, including the reader… To most, it’s Mistress Weatherwax.

2. She actually wishes she looked more like a witch

Granny Weatherwax cares about her appearance in the sense that she would really like to have none of her teeth and a few more warts to look more like a witch. 😉

3. Her words

Granny Weatherwax has some of the best lines in the Witches series of the Discworld. I remember, in Witches Abroad,  when Mrs. Gogol said to her, ” I don’t want to hurt you, Mistress Weatherwax,” and she answers, ” I don’t want you to hurt me either.” Other than those funny sayings, she’s portrayed as really wise.

4. Granny Weatherwax is the most highly regarded leaders the witches don’t have ! 😉


She shows you that you don’t have to be super sociable to be a respected leader; you just have to be the best in your field and want others to strive for the same.

5. Her relationship with Nanny Ogg


Esmeralda Weaherwax and Gytha Ogg make one of the best femships I’ve ever seen, They compliment each other completely, and understand one another after a long time of friendship.

6. Her relationship with Tiffany Aching


Out of all Granny Weatherwax’s relationships with her mentees, the one I like the best is between her and Tiffany Aching. With Eskarina, you knew that Granny Weatherwax was kind of new to the mentor gig, being awkward with the eight year old and all. And then there’s Magrat’s relationship with her, which seems a bit antagonistic at times… But with Tiffany, they just click, understand and respect each other immediately.

7. The names given to her by the dwarves and the trolls

They just make me laugh! “Go around the other side of the mountain” and “She who must be avoided” are the names given to her (in translation) by the dwarves and trolls. Which just goes to show what kind of reputation she’s built! 😀

8. Her meddling

Known meddlers, Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg will go around helping people and causing trouble, sometimes in that order and at other times, in the reverse… 😛

9. Her broomstick


That piece of… equipment is legendary throughout the Discworld as being one of the most oldest brooms in existence. Hence, it doesn’t work as efficiently as a flying broomstick should…

10. Magic versus “headology”

Granny Weatherwax rarely relies on magic. Rather, she uses “headology” in most cases ( which is basically psychology), like tricking a person to believe he’s a frog rather than turn that person into a frog (which sounds way more comical 😉 ).

So that’s my Top Ten! Hope you enjoyed reading it! Are there any characters or books that you’re mentioning in your Top Ten Tuesday? I’d love hear about them in the Comments Section below! Have a nice day!



Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Hello again! It feels like a long time has passed since last Tuesday! Anyways, another Tuesday means another Top Ten list, this time focusing on books I feel differently about over time (whether I liked or hated a title more after a while). The topic itself was kind of hard for me, since there aren’t many single books that I could think of (instead, I would be able to think of series that I feel differently about). But I succeeded in making a list of titles I’ve changed my mind about, for better or for worse. Here they are:

1. Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett

This is actually a book I liked after some time has passed, due to it setting up the story later on in the series…

2. Keep Your Hands Off My Oranguatan! by Mallory Tarcher

I remember first being unable to read it and after a while, finding it enjoyable… 

3. Matched by Ally Condie

This was one that I fell out of interest with because of the whole Dystopian scene at the time. 😉

4. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

Rereading this was really difficult. It made me question why I enjoyed it the first time…

5. The Scorpion Rules by Erin Bow

Enjoyed it less later on as I thought about the characters, especially Greta.

6. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I didn’t like it in the beginning and my dislike for the story only grows. 😛 

7. Does My Head Look Big in This? by Randa Abdel-Fattah

This is a book I’ve enjoyed more and more over the years! 😀

8. Cinder by Marissa Meyer

At first I didn’t like it, but after a while, I learned to like the concept… 😉 

9. Alice in Rapture, Sort Of by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

I got this at the school book sale and never thought I’d want to read it. Lo and behold, I read it and loved it! 🙂

10. The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead

The more I think about it, the more anticlimactic and meh the book seems… 

These are my Top Ten this week! While there is a mix of titles that I’ve grown to like and dislike over time, most of these titles seem to be in the “Dislike After a While” category. Oh well! I hope I can find more books that I like for longer stretches of time, rather than just falling out of interest. Well, that’s all for now! Any comments or questions are welcome in the Comments Section below. Thanks for reading!


Top Ten Tuesday: Books Chosen on a Whim

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish

Hey everyone! It’s Top Ten Tuesday and this week’s topic is a really easy one for me! Almost too easy! It’s about all those books we’ve picked up without a recommendation. This has actually been the norm for my reading experience years ago, when I would walk to the library everyday and see what books are there. Now, there are less books I choose to read based on a whim, thanks to all the recommendations online ;). Here are just some of the books that I have read with recommendation:

10. Love, Lucy by April Lindner

Found this in a library, picked it up and just started reading, right there and then. 😉


9. Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

I wanted to go back to the witches’ scene… 😀

8. The Fairy-Tale Detectives by Michael Buckley

The cover had a lot to do with picking up this book… 😀

7. Matched by Ally Condie

It was one of those books that followed Dystopian YA craze. 😉

6. Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George

I was always interested in fairytale retellings…

5. The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Came across it and liked the blurb, so I picked it up! 😀

4. Forgive My Fins by Tera Lynn Childs

Found this in the “New for Teens” section of the library’s website

3. Book of Shadows (Sweep #1) by Cate Tiernan

Witches, witches and more witches! 🙂

2. Switched by Amanda Hocking

Also found in the “New for Teens” section! 🙂


1. Beauty by Robin McKinley

Just trusted the fact that it was Beauty and the Beast retelling! 😉

Well, that’s it for my Top Ten. Are there any books you’ve picked up on a whim that you’d like to discuss? Feel free to post any comments or your Top Ten link in the comments section below. Happy reading!


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