Fleur Waters never takes anything seriously – until she turns up at her local boxing club one day, just to prove a point. She’s the only girl there, and the warm-up alone is exhausting . . . but the workout gives her an escape from home and school, and when she lands her first uppercut on a punching bag she feels a rare glow of satisfaction. So she goes back the next week, determined to improve.

Fleur’s overprotective mum can’t abide the idea of her entering a boxing ring, why won’t she join her pilates class instead? Her friends don’t get it either and even her boyfriend, ‘Prince’ George, seems concerned by her growing muscles and appetite – but it’s Fleur’s body, Fleur’s life, so she digs her heels in and carries on with her training. When she finally makes it into the ring, her friends and family show their support and Fleur realises that sometimes in life it’s better to drop your guard and take a wild swing!

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My rating: blue4 copy

(4.25 stars)

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hey again! I’m back with another review! I didn’t think I’d finish this book so quickly, but it was hard not to with the amazingly humourous dialogue! That, and the fact that it’s kind of a short novel. 😀 To be honest, even though I had read this author’s previous works, like Boys Don’t Knit (in Public) and An English Boy in New York, both of which I found hilarious, I was kind of worried to see what he’d do with Girls Can’t Hit. But then I saw another reader’s review on Girls Can’t Hit and I knew I had to read it! So when I saw it up on NetGalley, I requested it and they granted me access to the title! Thanks again, people at NetGalley! 🙂

As I’ve said before, what I love about this book was its humour. It could get me laughing out of nowhere, as well as weird looks on the subway for laughing out of nowhere… And while I enjoyed some of the books I’ve read recently, none of them made me laugh like this one. It just reminded me what a brilliant author T.S. Easton is. But it was not only the humour that enticed me; it was the amazing amount of feminism within the novel. This book brings in different viewpoints about certain problems in society, like women competing with each other. For instance, I love the arguments Fleur and Bonita (her rival) got into. They both had some really good points, where Fleur thinks that women shouldn’t be so competitive with each other, since we’re all on the same side. Meanwhile, Bonita doesn’t buy into this, saying that competition is healthy and we need to show that women can be just as good as men in anything and how would that come about if nobody is being pushed to their full potential via competition. Anyways, I thought this book was great at balancing humourous moments with serious ones, and really something we need more of, now more than ever.

Plus, it had amazing characters that you couldn’t help but love! Other than Fleur and Blossom, there was an array of character that I just couldn’t get enough of, like Pip (their other best friend), Coach Ricky and Joe, the other guys in the boxing club and  even Fleur’s parents, who were really present in this novel. The only characters I didn’t care much about would probably be Tarik and George, mainly because they didn’t really do much to help Fleur’s character development, and even derailed it at some points. But I’ll stop myself before I say anything more on that topic…

Overall, T.S. Easton did not leave me disappointed with his latest work! In fact, Girls Can’t Hit reinstated that he’s a pretty great writer, to me at least! 😉 If you have any questions about this book or T.S. Easton’s previous ones, I’d love to hear about them. Have a nice day, everyone!

–  Sumaya