Hi, everybody! Lately, I’ve been thinking about how many books there are in the world. Too many for anyone to read all of them, right? I don’t think I could even read all of this year’s published books if I tried! That’s why I thought I’d write a post dedicated to Quiet YA, young adult novels that are lesser known than the bestsellers that are always recommended everywhere you go. Honestly, I prefer reading Quiet YA in comparison, mainly because it has less hype attached to it. Hype has ruined many a good book for me, so it’s a sweet treat to stumble upon a book that hasn’t been overhyped and find that it’s great, too! Here are just some of the books I’ve read that I would categorize as Quiet YA:

And that’s just some of the Quiet YA I know and loved! How about you? Read any Quiet YA recently? Have any that you’d recommend? Feel free to share in the Comments Section below!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

– Sumaya