The only thing 17-year-old Jane Sinner hates more than failure is pity. After a personal crisis and her subsequent expulsion from high school, she’s going nowhere fast. Jane’s well-meaning parents push her to attend a high school completion program at the nearby Elbow River Community College, and she agrees, on one condition: she gets to move out.

Jane tackles her housing problem by signing up for House of Orange, a student-run reality show that is basically Big Brother, but for Elbow River Students. Living away from home, the chance to win a car (used, but whatever), and a campus full of people who don’t know what she did in high school… what more could she want? Okay, maybe a family that understands why she’d rather turn to Freud than Jesus to make sense of her life, but she’ll settle for fifteen minutes in the proverbial spotlight.

As House of Orange grows from a low-budget web series to a local TV show with fans and shoddy T-shirts, Jane finally has the chance to let her cynical, competitive nature thrive. She’ll use her growing fan base, and whatever Intro to Psychology can teach her, to prove to the world—or at least viewers of substandard TV—that she has what it takes to win.

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Trigger Warning: suicide

Hello, lovely readers! I finally got a chance to read Nice Try, Jane Sinner and I liked it. A lot! To be honest, lately I feel like I’ve been liking a lot of the books I read. Probably because I haven’t been able to just go through with some of the books I didn’t like and just end up DNFing them… I wasn’t sure which category Nice Try, Jane Sinner was going to end up in, but I’m glad it wasn’t the DNF pile!

First off, Nice Try, Jane Sinner is set in Alberta, which makes it the first YA Canadian story I’ve read in quite a while. The last one I’ve read was Kat and Meg Conquer the World last year. Honestly, I can never get enough of Canadian YA, even if it isn’t set in Toronto like Me and the Blondes… I just really relished the fact that it was set in Canada!

Secondly, I really liked the plot. The fact that the story was centred around a reality TV show was something I couldn’t get enough of! I love novels with reality TV shows in them because it makes for great drama! So much stuff happened that wouldn’t have otherwise if this novel wasn’t about Jane’s participation in House of Orange (the reality show). Plus, the book never failed to surprise me, either with the competition ideas and the competitors’ strategies.

Plus, I’m guilty of loving Jane Sinner’s perspective and personality. She’s pretty much like me in a lot of ways, which is a main reason why I couldn’t help but root for her and laugh at her shenanigans! But the novel does have its serious moments as well, and I think that the author handled it pretty well. My only issue out of the entire novel is that I’ve never seen Jane in a psych class, but a lot of the novel revolves around that in terms of a project. I kind of found it baffling. That and wanting to know more about why she doesn’t really like Chaunt’Elle.

Well, that’s all I have to say about Nice Try, Jane Sinner! I would recommend to anyone who likes reading books with witty humour, reality TV, and Canada! Has anyone else read Nice Try, Jane Sinner? And if you had, what did you think of it? Feel free to share in the Comments Section below!

Have a nice day, everyone!

–  Sumaya