Hi, everybody! Ready for another #ARCstravaganza post? I am! For those of you who haven’t heard of #ARCstravaganza yet, here’s a little more detail on it:

#ARCstravaganza is a weekly meme hosted by YA and Wine to give book bloggers/bookstagrammers a chance to show off their ARCs/eARCs that they are most excited about! Remember to comment on their weekly posts with a link to your own #ARCstravaganza blog post, or post a picture on Instagram using the #ARCstravaganza hashtag, and you will be entered to win an ARC copy of an upcoming YA novel! One winner will be chosen at random each month.

Today’s ARC is actually one that I’m currently reading and loving at the moment! It’s In Some Other Life by Jessica Brody. I like the idea behind it and the fact that I can really relate to Kennedy. Hope I like it even more as I continue! 🙂



Kennedy Rhodes turns down an acceptance to an elite private school, instead choosing to stay at her high school and jump at the opportunity to date the boy of her dreams. Three years later, Kennedy walks in on that same boyfriend cheating with her best friend—and wishes she had made a different choice. But when Kennedy hits her head and wakes up in the version of her life where she chose to attend the private school, she finds that maybe it’s not as perfect of a world as she once thought.

Sourced from Goodreads


Have any ARCs you’re excited to read? Feel free to gush about them in the Comments Section below! 🙂 Take care, everyone!

–  Sumaya