Scarlett Stiles is desperate for a change of scenery after her older brother, Liam, dies of a drug overdose. But spending the summer with her grandfather wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. Luckily, Scarlett finds something to keep her busy–a local rock band looking for a guitarist. Even though playing guitar has been hard since Liam died, Scarlett can’t pass on an opportunity like this, and she can’t take her eyes off the band’s hot lead singer either. Is real happiness just around the corner? Or will she always be haunted by her brother’s death?

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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hello again! I’m back with another review, this one being on All the Wrong Chords by Christine Hurley Deriso. When I first saw it on NetGalley, it seemed to resonate with what I liked, mainly that it had to do with art and entertainment through music. And while I did enjoy reading it in the beginning, by midpoint, I wanted to move on from this story altogether.

Don’t get me wrong; this book has so much potential. It starts off with Scarlett staying at her grandfather’s house for the summer, where they seem to get along quite well. There’s no awkwardness or reconnecting. Even though tragedy had struck their family, they were getting along they best they could. As the story progressed, I thought it would be more about her reconnecting with her brother through music, being part of a band again, her relationship with other family members (like her grandfather) with a light romance on the side. I had no idea how far she was going to go into lovesick mode. I just thought that there would be more development than that…

It just didn’t make sense to me that a girl who hasn’t had a history falling for guys solely based on looks falls head over heels for this jerk who seems more interested in the unattainable. Nor did it make sense to everyone else around her, including herself. But it doesn’t stop Scarlett from imagining herself with him in these superficial lovey-dovey scenarios, which really annoyed me. What also annoyed me was that once she moved on to a different guy, she went all in, focusing her attention on him as if her were her one and only. I know I’m not really invested in romance a lot of the time, but it felt like a bit too much with Scarlett focusing on guys in the band rather than the fact that she’s in a band and doing what she loves… Overall, the book leaned toward romance as opposed to familial issues and healing more than I would have liked.

Well, that’s all I have to say about All the Wrong Chords by Christine Hurley Deriso. I’m pretty sure that there is an audience for this book, but for me, I guess it just struck all the wrong chords (pun intended 😀 ). If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to share them in the Comments Section below. For anyone who is interested though, All the Wrong Chords comes out on December 12th, 2017. Thanks for reading, everyone!

–  Sumaya