Hey there, fellow readers! Today, I’ll be talking about a romantic trope I love to bits! That is the “letters to love” trope. I might be wording it in a confusing manner, so I’ll just go right ahead and explain. What I mean is when two people learn about each other and develop feelings through words rather than face to face interactions. I absolutely love it when two people get together and learn about each other based not on physical attraction, but mental and emotional attraction as well! Whether they know each other at first and learn more about each other via written communication, or are complete strangers until that moment of contact, it’s really fun to read about! πŸ˜€ It’s kind of like the written stuff and the anonymity takes away all the extra nonsense that people worry about when interacting with others. And sometimes, it’s just easier to be exposed to someone you feel slightly removed from and can’t see, so that in the end, the relationship between the two slowly forms into something that’s continued irl. Here are some of the books I know that have used this trope (most of them using more modern versions of letter communications, like emails or texts):


Have you readΒ any of these books before? And did you like them (as well as the romantic trope they use)? Let me know in the Comments Section below! Have a nice day!