Hey there, fellow readers! I’m back with another Which Cover Wednesday! For those of you who don’t know, Which Cover Wednesday is a weekly meme I host. What happens is that I compare two different covers of a book and give my opinion of which cover looks better. And you can join in on the fun as well! Just leave your thoughts about these covers in the Comments Section below. Speaking of covers, here are our covers for this week:

1.  The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

the-summer-i-turned-pretty or the-summer-i-turned-pretty

I really like the look of the second cover! I feel as if this cover uses its space more efficiently than the first one, with its blue background and cover art that’s spread out rather than clumped in the middle (like the first cover)…

2. Roar by Cora Carmack (English and German)

roar.jpg or roar-2.jpg

Love that first cover! I think the first one looks stunning with its background of mountains as well as the model’s positioning in that cover versus the second one. I like how she isn’t facing readers head on, but we get a full body view of her outfit and stance! Plus, I love her dress in the first cover way more than her crown in the second!

3. The Hanging Girl by Eileen Cook

the-hanging-girl or the-hanging-girl

To be honest, I actually like the ARC’s cover more than the finished copy’s cover. It’s just that the finished copy’s cover looks kind of generic with the girl on the front, even if they try to make it seem eery with the letters covering her eyes coupled with her hand gestures. But the first cover looks more interesting to me because of its typography and background with the note on what seems to be a tree or an old door…

4. How to Make Out by Brianna R. Shrum (English and French)

how-to-make-out.jpg or how-to-make-out-2.jpg

In this case, I’d choose the second cover. Even though the first and second covers use the same image, I feel as if the second cover uses it better with the different lighting (which looks beautiful, btw), cute typography and those hearts that remind me of a snapchat filter! Overall, it just looks so much prettier than the first cover!

Well, that’s a wrap for this week’s Which Cover Wednesday! Were there any covers that caught your eye? Let me know in the Comments Section below, along with any suggestions or questions you might have for upcoming Which Cover Wednesdays! Have a lovely day, everyone!

–  Sumaya