Shortly after 17-year-old Maren Hamilton is orphaned and sent to live with grandparents she’s never met in Scotland, she receives an encrypted journal from her dead mother that makes her and everyone around her a target. It confirms that her parents were employed by a secret, international organization that’s now intent on recruiting her. As Maren works to unravel the clues left behind by her mother, a murderous madness sweeps through the local population, terrorizing her small town. Maren must decide if she’ll continue her parents’ fight or stay behind to save her friends.

With the help of Gavin, an otherworldly mercenary she’s not supposed to fall in love with, and Graham, a charming aristocrat who is entranced with her, Maren races against the clock and around the country from palatial estates with twisted labyrinths to famous cathedrals with booby-trapped subterranean crypts to stay ahead of the enemy and find a cure. Along the way, she discovers the great truth of love: that laying down your life for another isn’t as hard as watching them sacrifice everything for you.

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My rating: red1.5

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hi, everyone! I’m back with another review, this one being on Toward a Secret Sky by Heather Maclean. First off, I’d like to say that I’m really sorry to NetGalley in terms of wishing for this book, even though later on I realized I had no interest in it. I avoided it as much as possible afterwards, and didn’t even request it (at least, I’m pretty sure I didn’t, since this was a wish granted). But then my wish came back to haunt me and I thought,”Well, I might as well read it.” So I did. And at first, the book seemed really great. But then it went downhill from there…

As I said, in the beginning, the book was a treat to read! I liked the way I felt like I related to Maren, being sent over seas to new relatives you didn’t even know, learning customs that made you feel kind of out of place. I also really liked the mysterious vibe added once Maren learns more about her parents’ past. But then Gavin came along and ruined everything! Once he got on the scene, I felt as if the storyline suffered. Maren wouldn’t be seen interacting with her friends as much to the point where I wouldn’t even call them friends (more like acquaintances). Or she wouldn’t think of herself in such a great light, thinking that if he didn’t like her, it was all her fault, even at times when Gavin clearly states that the fault is his! Plus, with Gavin there, Maren doesn’t have as much chance to be a hero, with him saving her all the time! I get that he’s otherworldly, but come on! Maren shouldn’t have to be such a damsel in distress because she has an otherworldy being on her side! And then there was the fact that the instalove is way too much for me in this book! It was extremely unbelievable, so much so that I cringed every time they were together.

Also, the plot seemed really unorganic to me. I felt that they were sacrificing some serious tension and suspense by just by explaining things right off the bat, not making the protagonist or the reader work for them. I don’t want to read exposition that’s lazily put in there just so that the story can move along. Overall, I felt as if the story could have been really something, but a lot of the potential, both in the character development and plot, was lost…

Well, that’s all I have to say about Toward a Secret Sky by Heather Maclean. It wasn’t my cup of tea, and has certainly taught me to be really careful with wishing on NetGalley, just as much as you have to be careful of requesting books that you’d like as well. I think that this might be a good fit for Twilight fans though, even if I didn’t like it… If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the Comments Section below. Take care, everyone! And keep reading!

–  Sumaya