There is a secret organization that cultivates teenage spies. The agents are called Love Interests because getting close to people destined for great power means getting valuable secrets.

Caden is a Nice: The boy next door, sculpted to physical perfection. Dylan is a Bad: The brooding, dark-souled guy, and dangerously handsome. The girl they are competing for is important to the organization, and each boy will pursue her. Will she choose a Nice or the Bad?

Both Caden and Dylan are living in the outside world for the first time. They are well-trained and at the top of their games. They have to be – whoever the girl doesn’t choose will die.

What the boys don’t expect are feelings that are outside of their training. Feelings that could kill them both.

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Hello, everybody! I’ve just recently finished The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich and I really wanted to share my thoughts on this book! Even though I really liked the idea behind the book, structuring life based on story structures and tropes, but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t get as invested in it as I wanted to.

There were some things that I liked about this book other than the premise, like that fast-paced ending. That held me in suspense until the novel was over! I also enjoyed the beginning of the novel, getting to learn about the backgrounds of the Love Interests as well as the corporation they work for, how they were trained and whatnot. The background story is pretty interesting (no pun intended), and it made me want to know more about the corporation that employs them. Too bad their history is basically shrouded in mystery…

However, I did have some problems with The Love Interest, like in how the Chosen, Juliet, was treated. I couldn’t relate to her at all. I know that might have been the point, so that readers relate to the love interests more than the supposed protagonist. But it got to the point where I knew she was a person with her own feelings, but never really got to express them. In some cases, she became the scapegoat for the boys’ problems. Like she was the one who had the intention of killing them and not the company they work for… But even her best friend was more interesting than Juliet, and she was a secondary character as well…

Then there was my issue with the perspectives. While it was nice to see things from the view of the Nice Love Interest, Caden, it would have been even cooler to hear from Dylan, the Bad Love Interest. It’s not that Caden’s POV was too boring or anything; it just would have been nice to see how their perspectives complimented each other, in my opinion…

Well, that’s all I have to say about The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich. I loved the premise of the novel; I just didn’t fully enjoy the execution of it. I’m sure that anyone who likes a satirization of tropes will like to get into this novel, though! The Love Interest comes out on May 16th, 2017, for those of you who are interested! If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free free to leave them in the Comments Section below. Take care! And keep reading! 😉

–  Sumaya

I received an advance reader’s copy from Raincoast Books in exchange for an honest review.