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I’d like to thank Chapters Indigo for providing me with this advance reader’s copy that in no way affected my review. 

Hey, everyone! I’ve just finished reading Fireworks by Katie Cotugno, and in one day, too! It was really easy to read, and found myself at the Acknowledgements page before I knew it! Set in Dana’s perspective, Fireworks is about her and Olivia, best friends who get chosen to be part of a singing group right after high school. The catch is Dana never meant to audition for this new signing group: it had always been Olivia’s dream to be famous. As the singing group turns competitive, and tension gnaws away at their friendship, only time can tell if it will survive the journey they’re taking together. By the way, this is my first time reading a book by Katie Cotugno, and I’ve got to say that I really liked it! I can’t wait to read more of her books soon! 🙂

While the plot was slow to start with, I was delighted with the story once Dana and Olivia started their professional training, side by side. I’ve always been a fan of books about the entertainment industry or focusing on the arts, and this is no exception. That’s probably why I was invested in the story once they started training: because I feel like it had just begun. For the most part, the story jumped from being predictable in some ways, like with the romance aspect of it all, and totally unpredictable in others! And by that point, the pacing was pretty great, never dragging things out too long and you always wanted to know what happened next.

As for characters in the story, I really liked the ensemble the author cooked up. Dana was a treat for me to read about; it wasn’t anything in particular, but that she felt real to me. This is a girl who has just finished high school in a small town wondering “now what?” like most people. She doesn’t want to stay stuck in her town forever, but she doesn’t know what else she can do, which is why this opportunity is great for her. It gives Dana the chance to discover what she wants out of life while having some cool experiences (as well as not-so-cool ones) along the way. Even when she makes mistakes, I empathize with her and what she’s going through. So I guess I’m Team Dana! 🙂

Then there was Olivia, Dana’s best friend. To be honest, I didn’t like Olivia as much as Dana. Whether it was because of Dana’s POV clouding my judgment of Olivia or witnessing all the ways their friendship was threatened because of Olivia (and sometimes Dana), I just didn’t have it in me to think as highly of her as I do of Dana. And far as the other characters go, they were a nice addition to the mix, enhancing the story and providing a complex background for our characters, while not just remaining archetypes, but people who have their own thoughts and feelings. Well, almost everyone…

Well, that’s all I have to say about Fireworks by Katie Cotugno! If you like to read about best friends, singing, and competition, then this book is right up your alley! 😉 Any comments or questions are welcome in the Comments Section below. For those who are interested, Fireworks comes out on April 18th, 2017! Thanks for reading, everyone!

–  Sumaya