Hey, everybody! I’m back with another Which Cover Wednesday! Which Cover Wednesday is a meme I host where I compare two different covers of the same book and give my opinion on which does it better. And feel free to join in on the fun as well, by commenting about these covers in the Comments Section below. And the covers for this week are:

1. Unrivaled by Alyson Nöel

unrivaled.jpg or unrivaled-2

To be honest, I really like the second cover. The first one just has a white background, and while I think it suits the cover, I prefer the second cover because it uses that space and fills it up.

2. Defy the Stars by Claudia Grey

defy-the-stars.jpg or defy-the-stars-2.jpg

First cover, first cover, first cover! It just looks so beautiful with the cover art plus the typography! The second cover’s okay and all; it’s just the first one captures my attention way more!

3. Carry On by Rainbow Rowell

carry-on.jpg or carry-on-2.jpg

Second cover, most definitely. First thing I thought when I saw it was,” I need that cover in my life”. I always thought they could do more with the first cover since it is a fantasy novel, technically. It’s fun to see that genre play out on the cover versus romance.

4. 99 Days by Katie Cotugno

99-days.jpg or 99-days-2.jpg

Hmmm… this is a hard one… but if I had to choose, it’d be the second cover. I just don’t like the layout of the first cover, with the all the pictures, but from different angles. Maybe if they were of different pictures, I’d like it more…

Well, that’s it for this week’s Which Cover Wednesday. Were there any covers that caught your eye? If you have any thoughts on these covers, I’d love to hear about them in the Comments Section below! Thanks for reading! 😉

–  Sumaya