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I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hey, everybody! I’m back with another review, this one being on Noteworthy by Riley Redgate. It’s about a girl named Jordan, a theatre major attending Kensington-Blaine School for the Performing Arts, who never seems to land a part in a school production. She goes to the lengths of crossdressing in order to join an a cappella group, The Sharpshooters, and win a competition that would not only mean fame for Jordan, but guarantee her parents’ support of her career choice. When I saw Noteworthy on NetGalley, I thought that it was intriguing in theory, especially with its addition of performing arts and crossdressing. It reminded me both of Mulan and this manga I’ve read where the main character disguises herself as a boy in order to further her career in voice acting. Anyways,  as a whole, I really enjoyed reading Noteworthy!

First off, I really liked Jordan as a character. It’s pretty obvious that the girl is a smart cookie, and I’m not just talking about book smarts ,which the book glosses over. I’m talking about full-on critical thinking of the world and how she fits into it. I loved how she thought not only of herself but empathized with others without claiming their experiences as well. I got on with most of her arguments, agreeing with her and liking how it fits into the story itself. Then there’s the fact that I responded well to Jordan’s wit. Mainly because it corresponded well with my own. 😉 Every time Jordan would make a quippy remark, I’d pause reading to say,”Yes!” So, yeah, I really liked Jordan as a character. 🙂

The plot itself was okay. It was kind of predictable in some places, and dragged on near the end. Other than that, I didn’t really like how the romance was set up. I felt as if the romance could have been taken out of the book and it wouldn’t really matter. I guess I just wasn’t invested in it as much as Jordan’s success with the Sharpshooters. However, I did like how Jordan’s backstory is revealed bit by bit and only when it’s relevant to Jordan’s present. It was a good way to set up the book’s exposition, in my opinion.


My main concern when reading this book was the amount of loose ends in it. Jordan’s old friends only appear at the beginning of the book but have no further purpose than reminding us what she had lost by centring her world around her boyfriend, Michael. It would have been nice to see some tension between her acting as a boy as well as rebuilding relationships with friends that don’t know she’s crossdressing. It would make things so much more complicated! 😀 And then there was the history surrounding the a cappella group, the Sharpshooters. While you get to know more about some of the members, other members remain a mystery, like Trav. I would have liked to know more about him, especially since the book hints that he’s been through a lot. But as readers, we only get to know what Jordan knows, and she doesn’t really know much about Trav outside of a cappella and his family situation.

Well, that’s all I have to say about Noteworthy by Riley Redgate. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them in the section below. For anyone whose interested, Noteworthy comes out on May 2nd, 2017. 😉 Have a nice day, everyone!

–  Sumaya