My rating: green4

(4.25 stars)

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hi, everyone! Another day, another review! I’m really excited for today’s review since it’s on A Crown of Wishes by Roshani Chokshi!  A Crown of Wishes is the companion novel to The Star-Touched Queen and focuses on Gauri, Maya’s sister. In it, she has to compete in the Tournament of Wishes with a partner in order to obtain a wish to save her kingdom. Her partner turns out to be Vikram, a prince from an enemy kingdom who wants to be an actual leader to his people rather than just a puppet king. Along the way, they learn more about themselves- and each other- in a month’s time than they did in years. I’ll admit, I was mainly excited about this book because of how much I liked The Star-Touched Queen and was interested in what Roshani Chokshi wrote next. I wasn’t heavily invested in what happened to Gauri after the events of The Star-Touched Queen until I read A Crown of Wishes, where Roshani Chokshi made me fall in love with Gauri and a number of other characters as well!

Where to begin… How about  at the beginning and the fact that I loved it! During the first quarter of the book,  I was thinking to myself,”Five stars, five stars, five stars!” The writing quality was outstanding and very realistic (which was a slight problem when it came to food 😀 ), whether it was on imagery, recaps or a character’s thoughts and feelings. I think I take the writing style of a book for granted sometimes, but I could not ignore the stunning writing in this book that made it all the more enjoyable. 😉 I also really liked the set-up and how our main characters entered The Tournament of Wishes. The story flowed from there and to all the adventures they had along the way until they reached their destination in the Otherworld. Along the way, we’re given more information about the Otherworld as our protagonists travel to Kubera’s, the Lord of Treasures, Court and to the Tournament. If you’ve read my previous reviews on fantastic novels, you’d know that I’m  interested in the world-building and myth surrounding the novel just as much as the plot. I really enjoyed A Crown of Wishes’ world-building, not only because we’re already a bit familiar with some otherworldly beings, but so are our main characters. They might not know everything about the Otherworld, but they’ve learned enough to go by without flailing around about what to do. I think that’s my favourite type of fantasy, more immersive than portal quest.

What I loved most about this book though was that it was really consistent. The overarching theme was how dangerous desire was and you could see that in almost every section of the book. That makes the story even more awesome because the supposed goal is that they obtain a wish from Kubera’s tournament. What they learn while competing in the Tournament has the ability to change their whole perspective from what it once was. Then there was an emphasis all throughout the book about the importance of stories, how immortal and fluid they are, ever changing after multiple tellings. As a reader, I fully support the importance of stories and was glad to see that in here. 🙂

While there were some parts of the book where I got bored or didn’t fully grasp, especially at the end, I enjoyed reading A Crown of Wishes and thought that it was on the same level as The Star-Touched Queen, maybe even better since it got me interested from the getgo whereas The Star-Touched Queen was a bit slow in the beginning. Well, that’s all I have to say about A Crown of Wishes. If you liked The Star-Touched Queen, then you should go ahead and add this book to your TBR pile! 😉 If you have any thoughts or questions on A Crown of Wishes or The Star-Touched Queen, feel free to leave them in the Comments Section below. A Crown of Wishes comes out on March 28th, 2017 for those who are interested! Thanks for reading, everyone!

–  Sumaya