My rating: green4

Hey, everyone! I’m back with another review, and this one is one The Cage by Megan Shepherd. It’s about a group of teens who are abducted by aliens for their own safety and to ensure the survival of the human race. The story is told in many different POVs but most of these chapters are told from the perspective of Cora, the daughter of a senator who recently got out of juvie. Her fellow captives include Lucky, Nok, Rolf, and Leon. Together, they must figure out a way to escape their space prison/ otherworldly zoo or end up living the rest of their lives under the custody of their alien jailers.

I’ve got to say, this book was intriguing in the way things were set up. I thought that things were revealed at the right time, with certain information being withheld just for suspense’s sake. OMG, and the huge reveal at the end? That was something I really liked! I also enjoyed reading the characters’ backstories along with the plot; in this case, I thought it was well done and helped readers sympathize with the other characters. However, I felt as if the sympathy skewed towards Cora, the one who gets the most voice-time, as well as the known rebel of the group. It would have been nicer to get more of the others’ thoughts at times, because I would be wondering what the others were going through and how they were holding up. I would only get snippets of that, and as result, the development of the characters wasn’t as profound or believable in relation to Cora. That was my main pet peeve. But other than, I didn’t really have a problem with the story.

As for the characters, there were times I was on a character’s side only to have questioned their logic later on. While they were in captivity at the otherworldly zoo, each character was trying to convince themselves that they were doing the best they could in order to survive and that everyone else was in the wrong. My opinion on that is that everyone in that place was going slightly paranoid and that was bound to affect their interactions with others… While their behaviour was really problematic, I thought that it made sure that no one was a flat character and that they were more interesting to read about. And that’s just looking at the humans in the story. The aliens were a whole other matter. While the story illuminates a bit about the origin of these aliens, I hope that the next book elaborates more on the world(s) surrounding them.

That’s all I have to say about The Cage by Megan Shepherd. If there’s one thing about Megan Shepherd’s books, it’s that she knows how to write a gripping story that will have you reading till the very last page. If you have any thoughts or questions about The Cage, please leave them in the Comments Section below. Thanks for reading, everyone!

–  Sumaya