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October 2016

Which Cover Wednesday 41

Hello, wonderful people! 🙂 It’s Wednesday and time for another Which Cover Wednesday! Which Cover Wednesday is a meme I host where I compare two different covers of the same book and give my opinion on which does it better. Feel free to join in on the fun by your own opinions on these covers in the Comments Section below! And the covers for this week are:

1.  The Hollow by Jessica Verday

2998814.jpg or 7095420

I really like the second cover because it looks more mysterious than the first one. And it also emphasizes the necklace as the key item, which shows that the book cover didn’t really need the model in order to stand out.

2. Ruined by Amy Tinerta

26074185.jpg or 28562419.jpg

This one is a bit harder to choose from since I don’t really like either cover. Don’t get me wrong; that typography is something! But the first cover is a bit too bland for my taste, and the second cover doesn’t appeal to me as well (mainly because the model looks like a shadowy figure). However, seeing as I like the second cover less, my vote goes to the first cover!

3. Reign of Shadows by Sophie Jordan (English and German)

24657660.jpg or 30110244

In this case, I like the first cover more because of its colourfulness as well as the cover art. Now that’s a flower arrangement! 😉

4. Scripted by Maya Rock

22501059.jpg or 25489417

I love the second cover much more than the first. I feel as if it captures the story a bit more than the second. From looking at the first, you know a bit more about what the story is about in comparison to the second.

Well, that’s it for this week’s Which Cover Wednesday. If you have any comments or questions about the covers above, feel free to leave them in the Comments Section below! Thanks for reading!

–  Sumaya

Top Ten Tuesday: Recommendations

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Hey, everyone! It’s Top Ten Tuesday again! This time, it’s about those recommendations that we’ve been given. Whether it’s from IRL or online, there’s always someone willing to recommend you something special to read. Here are just some of the recommendations I’ve been given:

1.  The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord

My fellow blogger Meghan recommended that I try it!

2. Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

After my cousin read this, she suggested I read it, too!

3. Ten Things I Hate About Me by Randa Abdel-Fattah

I’m so glad I heard about this one from my high school librarian! Read all the author’s other books since!

4. The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima

Both a friend IRL and in the blogeverse told me to read this one! And I’m happy that I did! 😉

5. Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

I saw a lot of bloggers rave about this book, so I decided to read it.

6. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

My friend specifically recommended this to me one day in the library… 😉

7. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare

I remember one of my friends having this book with her at lunch and telling me to read it. 🙂

8. Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

A classmate had this book and told me it was really good. So, obviously I had to read it! 😀

9. Jinx by Meg Cabot

My cousin tried to get me to read this… and I finally did! I didn’t enjoy it as much as her, though…

10. Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

My professor got me into this! I love Tiffany Aching, Granny Weatherwax, and the rest of the Discworld now! 😀

Well, that’s it for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! If you have any comments or questions, please leave them in the Comments Section below. Have a nice day!

–  Sumaya

Review: Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler

My rating: pink3

(3.25 stars)

Hey, everybody! I’m back with another review, and this time, it’s on Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler. It’s about a teenage girl named Ally, who works for her best friend (and upcoming starlet) Vanessa Park on the set of Daylight Falls, a new tv show, in order to save up for college. I’ve actually wanted to read this book for a long time; it’s just one of the books that the library has never purchased and Indigo never had in stock at store. So, I decided one day that I might as well buy it online and see what it’s about. And even though I don’t regret buying the book, I also didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I guess I put too much hype into the book…

While the story was easy to read, at the same time, I didn’t find it interesting. It pretty much was like any other YA Contemporary book out there except for the fact that it involves more Hollywood than high school (which I liked since I have a bit of an obsession with books surrounding the entertainment business 😉 ). But I feel that since it didn’t break the mould, the story was a bit boring to read.

And then there was the chronology of the novel. It confused me a lot! I thought that mere weeks (at most, a month) had passed when it would be months later according to the main character. The romantic development in the novel almost seems unreal because I can’t comprehend what the characters have done so far to get there. If the main character and her love interest ever had any milestones, we never hear about them, other than in physical terms. But almost never emotionally, which was disconcerting to me.

The characters themselves were okay enough to read about, but there were times when they just got on my nerves. Maybe it was the bad communication, the judgmental attitude, or having common YA trope such as the girl who thinks she’s plain but is actually gorgeous to every guy she meets, but I didn’t like the main character or her love interest as much as the secondary characters of the novel. Luckily, there is an actual companion novel about both Vanessa and Josh, the secondary characters that I liked. Maybe if I ever feel like seeing where that went, I’ll buy it in the future…

Well, that’s all I have to say about Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler. While I didn’t think this book was that original, it was easy to read and finish. I wouldn’t recommend it, though. If you have any thoughts or questions, please leave them in the Comments Section below.Thanks for reading! 🙂

–  Sumaya


Which Cover Wednesday 40

Hi, everybody! It’s time for Which Cover Wednesday! Which Cover Wednesday is a meme I host where I compare two different covers of the same book and give my opinion on which does it better. And feel free to join in on the fun as well, by commenting about these covers in the Comments Section below. This week’s covers are:

1.  Behind the Scenes by Dahlia Adler

17869397 or behind-the-scenes.jpg

I really like the second cover! Usually I’d go with the cover with more colour, but I love the second one’s use of image (the film being used) as well as the typography that gives it an old Hollywood effect (at least to me it does…).

2. The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

the-girl-of-fire.jpg or the-girl-of-fire-2.jpg

First cover this time! I just feel as if the model on the second cover doesn’t reflect the character who is telling the story. It just shows a girl in a dress at night. I do not believe that Elisa actually looked like that, at least, not in the beginning of the tale.

3. Signs Point to Yes by Sandy Hall (English and Polish)

signs.jpg or signs-2.jpg

This round goes to… the first cover again! It’s just that it kind of resembles Sandy Hall’s other novel, as well as the fact that I don’t really like the second cover as much. There just doesn’t seem to be much going on in it and the typography is a little bit bland to me.

4. Infinite in Between by Carolyn Mackler

infinite.jpg or 28447747.jpg

I vote for the second cover! It just strikes me as really cute with its cover art. I love how it incorporates the multiple POVs with the legs of models, too! Not that I don’t like the first one; the second one seems more lively, that’s all.

Well, that’s all for this week’s Which Cover Wednesday! Were there any covers you liked or didn’t like? If you have any thoughts, questions or ideas of topics for next week’s Which Cover Wednesday, feel free to leave them in the Comments Section below. Have a nice day!

–  Sumaya

Top Ten Tuesday: Villains, villains and more villains!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

Hi, everybody! It’s Tuesday and we all know what that means: Top Ten Tuesday! This week’s topic is about villains and the following list is just some of the villains/antagonists that I’ve come across in books that I thought held the glue of the story together:

1.  Leda from The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee


2. The Darkling from the Grisha series


3. Miss Trunchbull from Matilda by Roald Dahl


4. Adelina from The Young Elites by Marie Lu


5. The Nameless One from The Books of Pellinor


6. The King of Adarlan from the Throne of Glass series


7. Gavan Bayar from The Demon King by Cinda Williams Chima


8. The White Witch from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis


9. Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments series



10. Neferet from the House of Night series


Well, thats all for this week’s Top Ten Tuesday! Did any of the villains on my list match yours? If you have any thoughts or questions, as well as links to your own TTT, feel free to leave them in the Comments Section below. Thanks for reading!

–  Sumaya

Review: The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

My rating: black5

(4.75 stars)

Hey, lovelies! It’s time for another review and this one’s on The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee. It’s about a futuristic New York, where the whole city is just one Tower, but containing a thousand floors and lots of people. The higher you live, the richer you are. This book covers the perspectives of five teenagers who live in different parts of the Tower and how their lives intermingle with one another. I was really excited for this book and I’ve got to say, it didn’t disappoint! It was so intriguing from the getgo, and all those different POVs intermingling, especially at the end!

I thought that the way the author set up the plot was so misleading… but I loved it! The beginning of the story allowed you to compare it with the rest of the novel constantly in order to ask yourself, how did it get so bad, and if there was anything you could do to change that. OMG, and that ending? Powerful. I’m both reeling from anger, yet really happy with it. Strategically, it was a great ending that left the reader in suspense. Emotionally, those last ten pages had me really invested in the world and then the book ended, which yanked me out of The Thousandth Floor and into the real world, where I’d have to wait a whole year for the next book! 😦

The characters in the story were addictive to read about. I just wanted to know more about them and what made them tick. If something was happening to one character, I would think “how would affect so-and-so?”. And then there was the fact that literally everyone had something to hide. The only way this story failed with the characters was that I wanted to hear more from everyone! I know that isn’t possible, but I just couldn’t believe that some important perspectives were just disregarded, especially with that ending! I wonder if other characters will be given a voice within the sequel.

That’s all I have to say about The Thousand Floor by Katharine McGee. And the fact that it’s now my favourite book of 2016… 😉 Is this like Gossip Girl? Nope: it’s Gossip Girl 2.0, along with intriguing sci-fi elements! If you have any comments or questions about this book, please leave them in the Comments Section below. Have a nice day!

–  Sumaya

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