My rating: red3

Hey, everyone! Happy Wednesday! I just finished reading The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord, and I’ve got to say, I don’t really know how I feel about it. The book is told from the perspective of Paige, who lost her boyfriend, Aaron, two years ago to drowning, but is making an effort to move on and be happy again. I thought it would be interesting to read and a few people did recommend this book to me so as soon as I found a copy, I thought “why not?” There were parts I really liked and parts I didn’t like at all. I think it actually took me until about halfway into the book before I actually started to enjoy the book. And even after that, I thought to myself, should I really be spending my time reading this book?

Don’t get me wrong; there were times where I really enjoyed reading The Start of Me and You and it probably made up for half the times I didn’t. Like when Paige unabashedly gets her nerd on or does something brave for once. I liked the QuizBowl matches and hope that Paige still continues with it in the long run! 😉 And I really enjoyed reading about Paige’s friends, who are always there for her whenever she needs them, and vice versa. A bonus was that there was no major drama between them, which was a relief to read about!

But then there was the stuff that just bothered me. I didn’t really like how Paige put so much importance in establishing a relationship with the perfect guy. I get that she wants to date again after Aaron, her last boyfriend. However, it felt as if she obsessed too much over that one goal and not enough on other goals she made for herself, which were accomplishments in their own right. Then there was the ending and how even I thought Paige shouldn’t have had to deal with a certain person’s (for the avoidance of spoilers, this person shall not be named) attitude. It seems to me that if Paige was trying to talk it out, that person should have tried a bit more as well! Or at least sought out an explanation… :/

Well, that’s my take on The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord. I guess I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would (although it was an okay read). If you like a light contemporary read with a lot of emphasis on finding love, then this is probably the book for you. If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to ask in the Comments Section below. I’d really like to hear what you all think about this book or how you liked this compared to other books by Emery Lord. Thanks for reading, everyone!

–  Sumaya