Hey there, fellow bloggers and wonderful readers! It’s time for another Which Cover Wednesday! 😁 Which Cover Wednesday is a weekly meme I host. What happens is that I compare two different covers of a book and give my opinion of which cover looks better. And you can join in on the fun too, by expressing your opinions on the covers below. Here are this week’s beautiful covers 😉 : 

1.  My Lady Jane by Brodi Ashton, Cynthia Hand and Jodi Meadows

22840421 or my-lady.jpg

In this case, I’d pick the first one handsdown! It’s not that the second one doesn’t look like a lot of effort has been put into it. It’s just that the first cover has pretty typography taking up most of the cover, leaving it sophisticated and funny at the same time. The second one is just straight up comic, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it just makes the cover look more MG than YA…

2. Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

23492282 or 23561166.jpg

First cover forever! I think that it depicts the themes of the novel much more than the second cover just by having a motorcycle. There’s also the amazing typography that I can’t help but admire! 😉

3. The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love by Sarvenaz Tash

The-Geek's-Guide.jpg or The-Geek's-Guide-2.jpg

Again with the first cover! While the second cover is seriously cute,it’s not totally accurate with the storyline. The Geek’s Guide to Unrequited Love has more of a relation to the ComicCon scene since that’s where so much realization happens.  Plus, the model looks adorablely sad and makes me want to hug him! 

4. The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise (English and French)

bfa or The-Boyfriend-App-2.jpg

While I love the first cover is pretty, it’s the second one that’s captured my heart! Maybe it’s because the model is actually using the app. It could also be because of the sandy background ( I like beaches). Maybe it’s the fact that though there’s a model, we don’t get to see her face, which I like. It allows us to imagine the main character as we see fit. Overall, just love it more than the first! 😁

That’s all for this week’s Which Cover Wednesday! Were there any covers that you really liked? If there are any other alternate covers of these books you have seen and liked, feel free to let me know! Oh, and if you have any thoughts or questions about this week’s Which Cover Wednesday, please leave them in the Comments Section below. Thanks for reading! 

– Sumaya