Hey, everyone! Hope you’ve all been doing well this week! Today’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for Which Cover Wednesday! 😉 For those of you who don’t know, Which Cover Wednesday is a meme I host where I compare two different covers of the same book and suggest which one is more appropriate for the book. And you can join in on the fun as well, by commenting about these covers in the Comments Section below. And the covers for this week are:

1. My Life Next Door by Huntley Fitzpatrick (physical and audiobook)

16101144 or 17290400.jpg

In this case, I like the first cover better than the second. While both covers are pretty similar, the second cover’s background is slanted and I kind of find that odd. In fact, the title is slanted, too, so it seems like everything is slipping off the cover… The first cover makes great use of its space, in my opinion, and I like its typography a lot!

2. Life in Outer Space by Melissa Keil

18522401.jpg or 16119664.jpg

Second cover, second cover! I guess it relates more to the subject matter of the novel, which is pure geekery and romance! 😀 I love the comic aspect of this cover. Not that the first one isn’t a legitimate cover in its own right; I just like the second one better! 😉

3. Flirty Dancing by Jenny McLachlan (English and German)

img_2221 or 25627755.jpg

Look at that second cover! These are both pretty cool covers, but I like the second one for including shoes into the mix and indirectly implying dancing. Then there’s the typography playing with that idea of dancing by having the “T” of “Flirty” to be people in mid-dance. It’s too cute! 🙂

4. Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson (English and German)

18189606 or 22403298

First cover forever! I love what they’ve done with this cover and while the second cover is acceptable, the first cover is beyond amazing! With its typography, background and uses of models to emphasize important themes (like friendship), this book relates its content without even having to pick it up!

That’s all for this week’s Which Cover Wednesday! Like any of these covers! I know I do! 😉 If you have any thoughts on these covers, feel free to share them in the Comments Section below! Thanks for reading!

–  Sumaya