Hi, everyone! It’s Tuesday again, and we all know what that means: Top Ten Tuesday! I was kind of iffy about doing this week’s topic, because I don’t really get inspired to do things from books. Do I gain more empathy and understanding from other view points? Most of the time. Other than feelings, does the book affect me in any other way. Not as much as you’d think. I guess it’s because I go to books for having a good time more than anything else. Well, here’s my list of what books have inspired me to do:

1. Try to start an internet revolution

2. Get into reading a certain genre

3. Made me watch tv shows or read books that were referenced

4. Wish that I could babysit like in The Babysitters’ Club

5. Get me itching for travel… like in Italy, France, or ComicCon (San Diego or New York)

That’s all. I know; it’s pretty small this week! Hope my list is bigger next Top Ten Tuesday! If you have any questions or want to post your TTT, feel free to do so in the Comments Section below. Night, everybody!

– Sumaya