Hello, everyone! It’s that time of week again: Which Cover Wednesday! Which Cover Wednesday is a meme I host where I show two different covers of the same book and choose which one is better (in my opinion). Feel free to give your opinions on the books as well, in the comments section below! And the covers for this week are:

1. Bewitching by Alex Flinn (English and German)

11859244 or 13082544

Love that first cover! It looks so vibrant with the waves rushing behind her as well as her dress and hair blowing in the wind. And look at that dazzling dress! An amazing cover for an amazing book! The second cover just looks a bit too plain in comparison… and the swirls in the design don’t make any sense in terms of placement…

2. Cruel Beauty by Rosamund Hodge (English and Portuguese)

15839984 or 27877158

In this case, I’d go for the second cover. While both covers are pretty similar, the second one  just seems more appealing to me in how the model blends into the background… It conveys the idea that she’s trapped somehow, which connects it to the novel.

3. Ash by Malinda Lo

8792631 or 6363322

First cover gets my vote! The second cover just looks a bit more suited towards MG fiction. Also, I feel as if the first cover is conveying more emotion and story than the second, with the model in fetal position, lying in the forest.

4. The Princess Bride by William Goldman

21787.jpg or 438353.jpg

First cover forever! This is a good example of when cartoon does not equal childish cover. The artwork is pretty great in its detail and the fact that the models are in a hurry to get somewhere just makes me like the first cover more than the second one. Look at how Buttercup is peering over her shoulder as if something is after them while Westley is looking forward ready to take action! 😀

So that’s it for my Which Cover Wednesday!  Were there any covers that you liked or dislikes? Let me know if you have any particular favourites or suggestions on topics for next week. Thanks for reading, everyone!