Hello, everyone! OMG! I’m finally doing an award again! 😛 It’s been such a long time since I’ve completed one of these… Kind of because there are so many nominations I don’t know  where to start. But I’ve recently been nominated for the Real Neat Blog Award by Shruti @ This is Lit and I thank her for that! I’ve also been nominated before by Jesalin @ Blogging Everything BeautifulDreaming Through Literature and Kayla from Booked Solid; thank you so much, even though I haven’t completed it till now. I wish I could answer all of the questions from these amazing bloggers, but since there are so many, I’m just going to answer the most recent nomination questions. If you haven’t already visited their sites, you should really check them out! 😀

The Rules: 

1. Thank and link the blogger that nominated you.

2. Answer the 7 questions that the nomination has provided you.

3. Create 7 questions for your nominees.

4. Nominate 7 other bloggers.

Shruti’s questions: 

1. List all your favorite books. Go ahead and go crazy. We want to know ’em all!

I can’t name all of them, but some of the books that I adore include the Harry Potter series (especially Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince), the Night World series, Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, The Naming by Alison Croon, Last Chance by Sarah Dessen, Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, The Selection by Kiera Cass, Maskerade by Terry Pratchett, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, and so much more! 😀

2. Which book character do you absolutely abhor?

You might have already heard about this from previous posts, but I absolutely detest Mare from Red Queen! I remember reading the book and questioning the point of her character in general…

3. Which book made you cry the most of all books you’ve ever read?

Falling for You by Lisa Schroeder. I remember crying on the subway when reading that book; that’s how far gone in the feels state I was…

4. Which children’s book would you not mind re-reading now? Why?

I guess Princess Academy by Shannon Hale, just because I have actually reread it several times…

5. Do you use bookmarks or do you remember page numbers?

It depends on if I have a bookmark available… 😉

6. Which character from a different book would you like to see in Hogwarts?

Hmmmmmm…. I guess I’d go with Cather from Fangirl. 😀 She’d probably really fangirl if she gets put into a world so much like Simon Snow’s! 😉

7. Do you like big books or do you prefer smaller ones?

I honestly prefer smaller ones, because they’re easier to finish. But it can’t be too small and leave out key areas for development or plotlines that need to be filled! 😉

My questions:

1. Have you ever fallen out of love with a genre? Which one?

2. Do you prefer chain or indie bookstores?

3. Would you prefer reading a book by an author you know and love but in a genre you hate or reading a genre you love but by a debut author?

4. Name a fictional land that you’d want to go to.

5. How do you schedule your blogging?

6. Name a non-canon book couple that you would love to see together.

7. Are you enjoying the book you’re reading at the moment?

I nominate: 

Katie @ sherlockianbooklover

Caitlin and Cynthia @shelfiepodcast

Taylor @ Taylor Reads Books

Beth @ Hello Beautiful Book Blog

Zainab @ TeenBookLit101

Jasmine @ How Useful It Is

and YOU! 🙂

If you’ve already done this tag or don’t feel like it, just ignore it. 😉 Thanks for reading!