Hey, wonderful readers! It’s time for another Which Cover Wednesday. This is a weekly meme that I host in which I compare two different covers of the same book and suggest which one suits the book better. Feel free to participate as well, in the Comments Section below. Here we go:

1. Shadows in the Silence by Courtney Allison Moulton (English and French)

8501304 or 20644140

In this case, I prefer the first one, since it has a more vibrant background than the second. I also like the battle stance of Ellie in this one than in the second. It’s not that the second cover’s model isn’t fierce (because she is); it’s just that first gives off much more of a battle stance than merely a fighting stance, like she’s strategizing.

2. City of Masks by Mary Hoffman

86737 or 3630790

I love the second cover! While the first one does relate to masks and its importance in the book, I just got really creeped out by the eyes on the cover (which are also really significant). Then there’s the second cover signalling Lucien as the protagonist and the plot that surrounds him… 😉

3. Bloodlines by Richelle Mead (English and German)

8709527 or 13449489

First cover forever! The first one seems a bit more polished, with its simple elegance, compared to the second cover’s random placement of images. All it needs to anchor us in the Vampire Academy realm is that golden lily! 😉

4. Abandon by Meg Cabot

12493086 or 11212855

Finally, I end with choosing the first cover again. It’s just that the second cover sets up all these assumptions into my head about the characters and who they are supposed to be. Like the good girl-bad boy dynamic. That is way overdone and untrue to an extent. Pierce is not a total “good girl” and John isn’t a total bad boy. That’s why I’m going with the first.

So those are my covers this week. What did you think of them and which one did you prefer? I’d love to hear your answers about it! That’s all for today. Thanks for reading!