My rating: green2

I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Hey, lovely readers! It’s review time, and today’s featured book is The Trouble with Destiny by Lauren Morrill. When I saw this ebook on NetGalley, I thought I would love it. It has a competition, arts programs, and some romance, which are all great to read about in one book! But then I read it and found that I didn’t like it that much.

First of all, it would go on and on about the same issue, and it wasn’t even a big one (on a scale). It kept on talking about Liza’s control issues and her need to raise money and keep the school band together, while the solutions to her problem seemed so simple. Not to the control issues, but her current predicament; leading the band to victory and prize money while avoiding their funding being taken away. There were many other ways to handle that problem, but I think it all stems from the fact that she needed to control things, and that’s why she didn’t tell the band; not to ease their minds but her own. Anyways, several paragraphs at a time would be dedicated to a rant, which would make me do the unthinkable: skim the page. The horror! :O

The control issue was the main reason I didn’t like Liza but there were many others, like her dramatics, whininess, the fact that she thinks that she’s in the right all the time, even when readers know she’s not. It makes her an unreliable narrator and not a person I would relate to, or even like to read about.

Then there was the romance part of the story. It seemed a bit too rushed and unrealistic as well as predicable; I knew who she was going to end up with right off the bat. It was even worse than a normal case of instalove, especially in the end, because I couldn’t follow Liza’s train of thought in that matter. There was no warming up to the person, and bare mentions of attraction. Overall, the love element was too predictable and uninteresting.

I could barely get through this book without skimming each time Liza would get into a state of panic and act out. The thing about Liza is that she presents herself as better than other characters because she doesn’t do the same things they do. In reality, she’s similar to some of the characters she pretends to foil. It’s not necessarily a bad thing; the only thing wrong is the self-denial.

Even though The Trouble with Destiny wasn’t too enjoyable, there were still some parts of it I liked, like one of the resolutions, as well as the overall message. It was a good example of what too much control could do to a person. It just wasn’t the book for me. But maybe it was just because I’ve just read a contemporary and need time away from it. I don’t know.

Those are my main thoughts on The Trouble with Destiny. Started off really well, but by the end, I wasn’t really impressed with it. But maybe I’ll like Lauren Morrill’s other books better. Have you read any of them? What do you like/dislike about them? I’d love to hear what you all think, even if you haven’t read any of her novels. Take care and keep reading!