My rating: blue4 copy

(4.25 stars)

Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t been really present for a while. Last week was a really busy, with so much stuff to do. But I’m back with a review in tow: Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. I have been reading this for what seemed like a long time (compared to everyone else that was reading it at the time) that I was glad and sad to have finished it. Glad because I can finally read The Rest of Us Just Live Here by Patrick Ness ( or The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan; I haven’t really decided) but sad because of so much has happened and the characters that should know don’t. But I guess that’s how it’s meant to be, since their secrets did die with them. But it’s so weird since Agatha ( of all people) has evidence of it in her room.

The plot altogether was really great! Whenever I could, I would try to read Carry On because of how enticing it was. Except in the beginning; it was really boring in the beginning, with its worldbuilding. But once I got to the problem at hand, that’s when things got a bit more interesting. And then Baz came, and I was really invested in the book. It felt like I was just waiting for him to show up.

Is it weird that I liked Penny and Baz way more than I liked Simon? Sure, Simon was great by the end, but in the beginning, it was Penny’s antics that kept me reading the book as well as the mystery surrounding Baz. I loved everything about Penny, and every time she appears in a scene, I seem to agree with her completely, or at least in an amused way. Now, Simon’s a bit boring compared to Penny, who always has to help him, because his magic is out of whack. But his banter with Baz is pretty funny. I guess he grew on me after a while. Then there was Baz. Sometimes (most of the time) I just really wanted to hold his hand and say that it’ll be okay. I loved reading his POV and thoughts about Simon. Agatha was probably the only Watford student I disliked. I guess that’s the whole point, to sideline her so that this story can happen. Or she could have been the Cordelia  of the Scooby Gang… All I know is that I think it would have been nice if Agatha had been less whiny and spoiled.

I gave it a 4.25 star rating because of that beginning and the fact that there’s so much missing information from the story that even we don’t know. Where’s Nicodemus? What exactly happened to Lucy and why is she able to have a POV without ever coming into contact with Simon? Will they ever find out the truth about Simon? And what will Baz think? Anyways, that’s my review on Carry On: The Rise and Fall of Simon Snow. If you have any thoughts or questions you’d like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments below. Thank you for reading!