My rating: pink5

Hey everyone! It’s review time! Yay! And today, I’m talking about Emmy and Oliver by Robin Benway!

I have to say, I was pretty impressed by this book and have anovelglimpse to thank for that. If I hadn’t seen her review of Emmy and Oliver, then I would have no idea how great this book is. I couldn’t even read another book at the same time because I was too hung up on it. That’s how good it was! 😉

It focuses on two teens, Emmy and Oliver, after the fact that Oliver has been kidnapped for ten years. It’s told in Emmy’s POV but even then, we get a sense of how Oliver’s feeling through her interest and interactions with him. There’s also the fact that she has an understanding of how Oliver feels because the kidnapping didn’t just affect him but affected everyone around him, including Emmy. It’s an interesting perspective to take, because the obvious one would be the kidnappee, at least for me…Especially since I expected the chapters to be in alternating POVs. It took a page to adjust to the fact that this wasn’t so.

This novel seems to be about how to move on from a tragic event that has changed you and shows that by pairing it with the coming of age novel. While they are dealing with the consequences of what’s happened, at the same time, they are trying to live their lives and prepare themselves for college and the outside world. It’s a hard thing to do without the added bonus of being coddled and punishing the children for something they didn’t even do. The fact that this novel gets straight into Oliver’s return just helps it mesh together in a great way.

Did I like this novel? The answer is yes! The characters were really likable and you couldn’t help rooting for them- even the parents! In this novel, Benway doesn’t necessarily paint anyone as the bad person or irredeemable but in the end, someone had to pay for what happened and I think she handled that really nicely. I was overall happy with Emmy and Oliver and believe it deserves a five star!

That’s all I have to say about this story. Have you read Emmy and Oliver  or any of Robin Benway’s books? If you have any thoughts about them, feel free to comment about it below! Happy reading to ya!