Hello fellow bloggers! Once again, it’s time to pick up from where I left off in the Disney Challenge. Today’s challenge is about my favourite villain. At first, I thought it was easy: so many villains to choose from (unlike my problem with sidekicks 😉 ). But then I realized that abundance of choice wasn’t exactly making things easier. So I chose the villain I liked the most at the moment, which is Gaston. Why him, you might ask? Well, I interpreted this challenge as a way to pick your favourite villain, not the best one. And while Gaston isn’t the most conniving, he certainly is charismatic and works up a storm to get the job done. Also, I do laugh at those comic moments where he makes a fool out of himself and everyone else who fawns over him.


What do you think? Do you have a favourite villain? And if so, then who? Tomorrow’s challenge is on choosing a favourite original character, so until then, take care and keeping reading!