My rating: pink3

Welcome back!

It’s been awhile since I read this (like this Wednesday). It took me a few days to process and think about what I liked and didn’t like. You know those books where you can rant for hours and hours, whether it was really good or bad? This one was neither, at least until I took the time to think about it. That’s when the ranting began.

First off, I just want to say that I was really excited to read this book. I won it on Freado and thought that it would be a great chance to finish the series. So when I started reading it, the book didn’t really disappoint. It continued right from the end of the second book and there was a lot of stuff happening in that chunk. It was only when a significant thing  concerning Layla and the boys happened that I didn’t enjoy the book as much anymore. After that, the book could have been done five seconds later and it wouldn’t have made a difference. And I hate those kinds of plots; it’s Into the Still Blue all over again! t wasn’t like they were looking for an answer or way to kill the Lilin. It could have died earlier on in the book, and everyone knew that. Even one of the secondary characters in the book indirectly points it out, by saying that Layla isn’t really doing anything at the moment to save the world, which I got to say is true. So that’s one reason I didn’t like the book.

Another main reason that this book wasn’t my favourite is how the author characterizes Layla. For instance, a lot of the time, Layla is described as dumb (by herself or others). I know that everyone has their dumb moments in novels (and IRL), but why would I want to read about a character who can’t think every five seconds? It really pissed me off at the end, where she could have used simple logic to figure out what someone was saying, but instead just stands there confused. I wanted to throttle the book (which wasn’t possible) and throw it across my room! Do we really have to read about characters that show no signs of intelligence (school smarts or street smarts) and be okay with that? I think not! It made me wonder, “Was Layla always like this?” Even the choice she made about the boys wasn’t instigated by her, but rather someone else.

The only plus side to reading Every Last Breath was the romance. She “chose” quickly in the book, which I liked because there was none of that tension that would have continued if she hadn’t done so. And they did look so cute together! Even though the romance could also be seen as a way to fill in for the plot, it was still sweet seeing all the milestones between Layla and her guy.


What did you all think of Every Last Breath? Loved it? Hated it? Whatever you thought, I’d like to hear from you in the comments below. Keep reading, everyone!